BirthU, HERstory, Inc’s signature program, is a 12-week course which offers a safe space for birthing couples to address topics related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum wellness, and parenting. Through respectful perinatal education, honest conversations, and the sharing of trusted resources, new and expectant BIPOC parents will enjoy a sense of community in which to raise their children in the way they have envisioned. Additionally, BirthU will pave career pathways to aspiring BIPOC birth, lactation, and mental health workers through experiencing culturally sensitive perinatal care and offering scholarships to contribute to a more diverse


Why having a village matters

Knowing your rights

Hear one couple’s experience

A holistic approach to conceiving, infertility, and pregnancy

Preparing for fatherhood

What you need to know about prenatal care and how to advocate for yourself

What to expect, how to advocate for your partner and baby

Sex, pelvic health, and your postpartum plans

Parenting begins with the self. We’ll talk about

your relationship, adjusting to new roles, and choosing growth and joy.

A lot happens after the birth, a lot of decisions need to be made (like staying home or finding childcare), and we begin to learn a lot about ourselves and each other. We are going to talk about all of that.

Besides the basics, hear about common breastfeeding challenges and how to avoid them BEFORE they happen. Dads have a role in breastfeeding too. We’ll talk about that and the resources available in the community.

There’s so much you can do to help your baby grow up strong, fit, and healthy. We’ll talk about how you can do this while building a lifelong bond.

Hear from a psychologist on how to raise a healthy baby, how we can have a positive impact on them, and how healing and connection helps us do so.

Hear from an inspiring mother and an experienced father on how each of them wrote their own parenting narrative. Begin to think about your own narrative and what you want it to be. You’ve got a new community to support you now!

Hear from a trusted family physician from the community  about how your family’s health and happiness can grow after the postpartum period. Bring ALL your questions to this event. She’s here to answer them.

This will be the final day of the course and the beginning of a new community of support. Let’s celebrate and stay connected. Participants who registered and attended will receive a free professional photo shoot at the event.

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