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Our mission is to provide a safe space for pregnant and postpartum BIPOC families to learn, create community, and thrive in Orange County, California. With your help, we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

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Women of color are suffering from health-related risks while trying to conceive, prenatal, pregnant, and postpartum while also lacking access to quality diverse services in Orange County, California. HerStory, Inc. was created out of necessity for the BIPOC community in Orange County after being ignored and overlooked for years.

What We Do

We educate families on topics related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum wellness and parenting.
We support families that are TTC (trying to conceive), prenatal, pregnant and postpartum.
We provide vital resources to communities of color.


HERstory,Inc has partnered with MOMs Orange County to co-create a community doula pilot program, specifically for the BIPOC birthing community of OC. Birth Initiative for Reproductive Rights, Transforming and Healing Womxn of Color” (BIRRTH Womxn OC), will be the first of its kind in Orange County.

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